Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Study abroad is not only for professional knowledge, it is great to know others culture and life

I’ve gone abroad to study several times. Every country I visited has unique culture and lifestyles. But studying in Korea is for me a great chance to have the highest degree in my education. After my graduation I will continue teaching in the main university of my home country, Mongolia.
Since my childhood I have been very interested in science and technology. I used to make aircraft and automobile models myself and have participated in many competitions. I studied Physics at Mongolian National University. Just after my graduation, I went to Russia to work in the Nuclear Research Institute.
My first research work was related to electronics and computer interfacing. I was involved in a research group with foreign scientists from Poland, Russia and Belorussia, which are all former socialist countries. My duty in this group was to develop a computer interface and data acquisition software for a specific nuclear experiment. At that time I met many people from different nations and became very good friends with them all.
After 2 years research work in Russia I returned to Mongolia and continued my research work at Mongolian National University. In 1994 the head of my laboratory decided to send me to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria to improve my proficiency in Nuclear Electronics. Since the agency belongs to the United Nations Organization, all training was going on in English. But in the streets I had to learn a little German language to survive. Again there were many fellows from different countries such as Sri-Lanka, Iran, Philippines, Sudan, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Cuba and Brazil in the group.
Since 1996 I have traveled to several countries for my research activities namely, Italy, UK, Singapore and China. Finally I found that I have wasted a lot of time doing many different things. All the activities just improved my experience but not my education. Therefore I have decided to study in a Ph.D. course and I applied to many universities around the world. Fortunately, I received a positive answer from the Nanosystems Institute of SNU and I am very glad to be here. Another opportunity is that I am learning many things about Korean culture and life besides my professional training.
My major is Physics and I am a Ph. D student of Interdisciplinary Program for Nanoscience and Technology. While I am studying in a world’s emerging technology, I am learning a lot of things about one of the leading Nations of Asia.


At 1:50 AM , Blogger Одко said...

hey, I liked your blog very much and you are an impressive person at all. Wish you best in all fields of your life.

Thus, there is a little suggestion from me about your blog. Try to change your post color so that it would be easy to read. Because, when I was reading your post I felt that my eyes getting tired. So, it would be clear if the post color was more bright. Thanks. Best regards.

At 3:28 PM , Blogger Otgoo said...

Thanks a lot for your comment, Би! I have changed my blog's template as you suggested. But I don't know how you like it.


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